Plansee Seminar

P/M Hard Materials

The following topics will be addressed during the 19th Plansee Seminar:

7.   Applications
7.1.   Wear parts
7.2.   Machining of metals, composites, graphitic materials, wood and stone
7.3.   Precision tooling
7.4.   Chipless forming
7.5.   Mining and construction
7.6.   Joining technology
7.7.   New areas
8.   Materials
8.1.   Hard metals, binders, dopants, impurities
8.2.   New alloying concepts and material design
8.3.   Alternatives to hard metals
9.   Powders and P/M processes
9.1.   Powder production and processing
9.2.   Innovative production processes
9.3.   Ultrafine and nano-scaled powders and microstructures
9.4.   Novel compaction and sintering technologies
9.5.   Safety, environmental and recycling aspects
10.   Surface engineering
10.1.   Coating materials and processes
10.2.   Gradient structures
10.3.   Friction and wear
11.   Simulation and Modeling
11.1.   Powders and granules
11.2.   Mechanical properties and reliability
11.3.   Constitutional and multi scale modeling
11.4.   Components and devices
12.   Characterization and testing
12.1.   Microstructure
12.2.   Surface characterization (coatings, interfaces, residual stresses)
12.3.   3D and small scale characterization
12.4.   Novel methods of analysis and testing